Within the last years LENNERTS & PARTNER – developer and supplier for specific software solutions – has been growing to a worldwide expanding company.

About us


LENNERTS & PARTNER was founded in 1990 and resulted from a project for Siemens. At this time a software was developed to check the power of traction for produced cables.

Soon this project should be completed and on the occasion of a student party contacts with the manager of a rebar shop were established. So we decided to develop and also to distribute a software solution for the reinforcement industry.

Facts and figures

Based in Coburg, Germany

23 Employees

Round about 500 installations in 44 countries


Company founded in 1990

First installation national 1991

First installation in Europe 1997

First installation worldwide 1998

Manufacturer independence – LENNERTS & PARTNER acts manufacturer-independent when implementing its software solutions.

Identity – In the rebar industry we would like to get the reputation as a top team of specialists and thus to be considered as a fair and competent partner.

Relationships – Our ambition is to strengthen intensive relationships with our customers so that they recommend us as a competent partner.

Sophisticated services – The team of LENNERTS & PARTNER seeks to satisfy existing and future customers with sophisticated services and thus achieve and maintain a long-term relationship.

Leading software supplier for the reinforcement industry!