Digitalizing your construction processes in the reinforcement industry

The Webshop

the digital solution for construction

Functionalities Webshop

Digital ordering of call-off items via smart phone
Import of ABS/BVBS files
Management of projects and schedules incl. steel, mesh and accessory items
Project statistics and tonnages available at any time
Download options for delivery notes and invoices
Customisable to the CI of the rebar shop
Integrated user administration
Free and fixed shape codes
Agent-contact assignment
  • No tendious process of manually keying in

  • Easily creation of schedules or digitally import of ABS/BVBS files

  • Enormous time saving - no telephone enquiries

  • Minimisation of input errors

  • Planning reliability - access to progress & statistics

  • Customer loyalty & increase in service quality

  • Reorder call-off items on the construction site via smartphone


  • Construction company

    • Logs in to the webshop
    • Easily creates schedules himself or imports ABS/BVBS files
  • Rebar shop

    • Receives new schedules in multi-import
    • Import to LP-SYSTEM
    • Release for production
    • Production
  • Delivery

    • 100% correct loading via loading control
    • 100% correctly delivered per delivery control
  • The construction company can upload the ABS/BVBS files itself
  • All steel, mesh and accessory items are then displayed
  • These can be edited or items can be added
  • Fixed shape codes can be used
  • Of course, shape codes can also be freely dimensioned and created
  • 2D, 3D, spirals, free forms
  • The rebar shop can activate its customers for the webshop
  • Other user settings can be made
  • The construction company only has access to its own projects
  • The webshop can be implemented on the rebar shop homepage
  • The CI such as logo, colours and fonts can then be stored in the webshop.
  • The webshop is therefore fully transparent and integrated and not a stand-alone solution
  • A contact person with the rebar shop’s contact details can be stored for saved projects
  • Messages are also displayed in the cockpit
  • The construction company can view and download project and order statistics as PDF files
  • The same applies to delivery notes and invoices