The complete solution for rebar shops of any size.


LP-SYSTEM has been developed to cover all processes of a rebar shop. Thus the software solution supports planning and steering as well as the control of the whole procedure. Simultaneously, the system can be adapted exactly to your needs by its modular design and flexible settings and parameters.

Commercial part

Herewith you will find a short description of the commercial software for reinforcement of LENNERTS & PARTNER. The program is structured into the following functionalieties that are then described more in detail:

Main Data

When initializing the system most of the main data is punshed in and and does not need to be changed again, for example products, group of products, tag colors, type of freight and so on.

Business Partners

The business partners are all companies which you are in contact with, e. g. customers, suppliers, carriers, etc. Each customer only has to be created once in the system, even if it is assigned to more than one project. Each business partner can have several contact persons. This feature can be used as a phonebook.

Contract / Projects

For each new order, a so-called project is created. This is assigned to the corresponding customer and a construction site name is deposited. In addition, payment terms, members (structural elemenst), delivery addresses and an order-specific price list with all agreed conditions can be deposited.

With this information, the system now only needs information about the price structure and drawings/schedules, and all invoices are printed correctly.

Drawings/Schedules Management

For each drawing/schedule the right contract has to be selected. The drawing/schedule can be divided into different members (structural elements) for which the total quantity to be delivered can be defined. After entering the positions, this can be checked with two functions:

  • Resume is the short summary for the schedule
  • Steel list is an item list (on screen or printer) including the graphical representation


With the functions for the creation of elements it is very easy to manage elements and to create steel lists out of it. Later this data is also available in the optional module production planning and downloading of machine.

Mesh welding

This module enables to create free definition of customized meshes and produce it on a mesh welding line. The creation is made within the contract whereby the created meshes can also be shown on delivery note and invoice.

With downloading of the mesh welding line the productivity of the machine is increased and additional manual entries or wrong entries do not arise.

Delivery units

After the input of drawings/schedules you can create the delivery units. Here it can be defined which member (structural element) with how many pieces needs or should be delivered at this date. Each tag which will be printed later gets a serial number.


With this function you can define with which truck you want to deliver which delivery units. This defined cargo is the basis for printing delivery note and invoice.

Stock management

This function manages and verifies the physical stock and any existing stock from your customer. Incoming material is automatically booked to and outgoing material automatically from the stock when the delivery documents are created. Weight differences between the sales and production weights are automatically taken into account.

Tag printing

You can print the tags by selecting the delivery units. Within the delivery unit sorting is performed according to diameter, straight / bent, drawing/schedule number and length. With the help of the production planning system LP-ProdPlan the tags can be printed per machine. The sort criteria can then be defined differently for each machine.

Delivery units

Delivery notes can be printed for one or more cargos (single or collective delivery note). A reprint is possible at any time. If required, it can also be displayed in advance on the screen (applies to all printouts).


Here the invoices for a selected delivery note can be printed. A reprint is possible at any time. If necessary, this can also be displayed in advance on the screen (applies to all printouts).


The fixing module allows complete projects in a fixing project to be invoiced accumulated or settled individually. Drawings for fixing can also be created manually from stock items.

All fixing weights can be changed again and stock items can be added. A fixing price list provides extensive billing options. Fixing credits are easy to create.

Reports – Statistics

Of course, LP-SYSTEM provides many statistics and reports. Here is a short excerpt:

  • Product turnover statistic
  • Total summary
  • Stock and stock movements report
  • Project turnover statistic
  • Delivered quantities report
  • Weekly delivery preview
  • Invoice list
  • Delivery note list

With this module it is possible to print a quotation or an order confirmation directly from the drawing/schedule dialog after entering the steel, mesh and accessory items. In addition, you can print a proforma invoice after the delivery note printing and convert it to a correct invoice after a successful check.

By project, the total tonnage, already delivered tonnage and the tonnage still open are listed. Based on some selection criteria, you can display the statistics accordingly and also pass them directly to EXCEL.

Each user can be assigned to certain user rights for all essential functions in LP-SYSTEM. It can thus be determined whether an employee should have read, execute or write permissions.

The user rights of an employee can be copied to other employees. The module also allows to create user groups and assign these rights. Hence it is much easier and quicker to administrate the rights.

The goods entry allows the user to create purchase orders and book the appropriate material automatically to the stock based on a goods receipt. For booking purposes, a distinction is made between types of business such as own production or external delivery. If the user sets up a new goods receipt, he has the possibility to insert all information of the heat, e. g. heat number, a barcode, a certification file, steel quality, bundle number etc.

A statistic about all open purchase orders with quantity and not yet booked goods receipts will inform the user about the current status.

After that the system prints the bundle tags and the tag will be added to the material (e. g. on the coil). Before the production starts the material will be registered by scanning the bundle tag. Then the operator can start the production and the produced bar marks will be assigned to the registered material.

The produced bar marks will be delivered together with the delivery note and certificate. Of course we have a special query where the user can search for specific heats or schedules if a customer, supplier or the government asks for a verification.

This module covers the following functionalities:

  • Send PDF files by mail from LP-SYSTEM
  • Transfer to archiving system with keyfile in a standard format from L & P (CSV or XML)
  • Transfer of data in a standard format from L & P as a text file via FTP or Windows directory
  • Creation of a digital delivery note (XML)

The following documents can be printed in different languages:

  • Tags
  • Item list
  • Delivery note
  • Invoice

This module makes it possible to print out a graphical cutting list for the offcuts of the mesh optimization, included in the basic module of LP-SYSTEM.

You can export the drawing/schedule from LP-SYSTEM and import it into another subsidiary. In this way, item data can be easily exchanged between two companies.

With this module, you can have both a tabular and a graphical overview of the project capacities output in a certain period of time. You can enter the target value for the individual project for the relevant material in the relevant month in all target columns.

The program then calculates the remaining time and shows you the utilization in the graphic. Thus, you always have an idea of how much has already been delivered to the project and what is still open.

After choosing a cargo all items within this cargo will be listed and can be scanned e. g. by a wireless scanner. The data is transmitted directly to the system and updated.

After finishing it there is a report available with all missing and all wrong loaded items. This list can be printed. So the operator always has a precise overview of what was loaded on which truck.

With the custom mesh module, you have the option to record custom mesh with shape, length and width. You can also specify whether the mesh is cut, bent, rolled, high-ductile or biaxial mesh. Accordingly, the surcharges will be calculated automatically and shown on the invoice.

The module simplifies price adjustments. It enables an automatic recalculation of a delivered/invoiced quantity in a certain period of time.

This spares you a considerable effort to determine the necessary data for post-invoicing! Depending on the result, a credit note or invoice can be generated and printed on the basis of the values obtained.

With this module, orders focused on the steel trading can be simplified and processed faster. Elaborate optimizations are eliminated in this area. The areas of rebar and steel trading can run side by side.

At the order level, all data required for order processing for a customer is entered:

  • Customer address and delivery address
  • Shipping information such as shipping method and additional information
  • Terms of payment for the order
  • Delivery date of the order

The display of document number and document date for delivery note, receipt and invoice contributes to the overview. This makes it easy to see which documents need to be printed for this order. In addition, information about the creation and processing of the order is displayed.

The data entry is supported by current stock data and statistics on the current item. The item data are compared with the order data. The stock data consists of current stock, available stock and reserved stock.

The „Price Info dialog” provides information about the price history of a selected item and provides information about:

  • Stock values such as reservation and availability
  • History of the purchase prices in the stock movements
  • History of sales prices in stock movements

The following printouts are possible:

  • Work certificate with the list of all items
  • Order confirmation
  • Delivery note
  • Document for the boss as proforma invoice
  • Invoice

The fixing module allows complete projects in a fixing project to be invoiced accumulated or settled individually. Drawings for fixing can also be created manually from stock items.

All fixing weights can be changed again and stock items can be added. A fixing price list provides extensive billing options. Fixing credits are easy to create.

Create global offers and convert it to a project/order. Of course statistics about the offers are available.

  • Modelling of any kind of prefab
  • Simple user interface
  • Real 3D model
  • Side, front and rear view with measurements


This module can be used to connect LP-SYSTEM to an existing ERP-system in order to obtain all the data required for the creation of the delivery note and the invoice.

Also included in this module are the necessary interfaces for the import of product and customer data in LP-SYSTEM. For a precise definition of processes or adjustments, please contact us in advance.

This module includes the transfer of revenue data from LP SYSTEM to an external financial bookkeeping system.

This interface has proven to be very useful, because you have no work with the otherwise manual booking of invoices coming from LP-SYSTEM.

We contact the supplier of your financial bookkeeping system and obtain the interface descriptions. Once this interface has been programmed and tested by us, it can be used very quickly in your premises.

This includes the verification of existing balances, which are imported from the accounting system, with the reliable balance deposited in LP-SYSTEM for the respective customer. If the admissible balance of the customer is exceeded, a warning message is issued.

We are happy to check for you if the accounting system allows the balances to be exported to LP-SYSTEM.

In addition to the functionality of the credit limit check, the credit balance warning also takes into account delivery notes that have not yet been billed or drawings/schedules that have been released for production but have not yet been delivered. This not only checks whether the customer has already exceeded his credit limit, but also whether the customer will exceed his credit limit when invoicing the open deliveries.

The BVBS-Interface was programmed in cooperation with reputable CAD-manufacturers, machine manufacturers and LENNERTS & PARTNER GmbH.

With it, it is possible to transfer reinforcement data from CAD to LP-SYSTEM without the item data having to be entered again. This module is very popular in precast plants, as they receive almost all the materials from their own CAD department and therefore no longer need to capture them manually.

This signifies an enormous time saving in the production department! Also 3D bar marks can be imported.

System requirements

State: 1st of January 2022

A. Fileserver

Minimum requirements

  • Intel Xeon Dual-Core, 8 GB RAM
  • min. 80 GB free on hard disc
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016 R2 incl. service packs
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard Edition (Hotice: the database is not part of the software package)
  • Microsoft .NET-Framework 4.0 or higher
  • For further server software corresponding additional memory is necessary
  • SQL-Server-Collation: SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS


  • Intel Xeon Quad-Core, 12 GB RAM DDR3
  • Redundant discs (RAID 1, RAID 10), SCSI or SAS
  • 120 GB disc space or more (z. B. 2 x 36 GB + 2 x 72 GB)
  • Network interface card 1Gbit-system or faster
  • MS Windows Server 2019
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard Edition (Notice: the database is not part of the software package!)
  • Microsoft .NET-Framework 4.0 or higher
  • SQL-Server-Collation: SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS
  • Backup software, possibly with SQL-Backup Agent
  • For further server software corresponding additional memory is necessary

B. Terminal Server

According to the functionality of the new windows server operating systems (the terminal services of Windows Server or CITRIX) it is worth to consider to implement such an environment, especially if you have older workstations which are powerful enough for the daily work but not for the new solution. Moreover this solution is often used, because of the easy way to centrally administer the network, the software and the security. So, if you intend to set in terminal services please discuss this solution with your local system solution provider. Due to performance and security reasons always a separate server should be used for the terminal server. Only if there are not so many users (up to approx. 5 users) a shared server would be a possible solution. However, here the standard security settings for the directories would have to be adapted restrictively.

Recommendation for a separate server

  • Intel Xeon Quad-Core, min. 8 GB RAM
  • Mirrored hard disks, approx. 72 GB
  • Network interface card
  • MS Windows Server 2019 or Citrix Metaframe

C. Printer

Minimum requirements

  • 1 unit, with suitable windows driver
  • connected to the network (e.g. on fileserver, print server)


  • 2 units, with suitable windows driver
  • Laser printers with more trays can be used
  • connected to the network (e.g. on fileserver, Print server)

D. Workstation

Minimum requirements

  • Intel Core i3, 4 GB RAM
  • Graphic card with a resolution of minimum 1024 x 768 pixels
  • Mouse
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Professional
  • Microsoft .NET-Framework 4.0 or higher
  • connected to the network
  • for further software corresponding additional memory is necessary


  • Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM
  • 24″ TFT Display
  • Network interface card 1 Gbit-system or faster
  • Mouse
  • Graphic card with a resolution of min. 1280 x 1024 pixels
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Professional
  • Microsoft .NET-Framework 4.0 or higher
  • connected to the network
  • for further software additional memory has to be considered and our technical stuff first.

E. Machine Control Server (Only for Online Downloading)


  • like workstation, but additional
  • 19″ Colour monitor
  • serial ports after consultation with LENNERTS & PARTNER GmbH
  • remote access to the PC-console via RDP or similar

F. Remote maintenance

  • IP-router or
  • Remote desktop access on server
  • or TeamViewer



  • Online-work or interactive UPS
  • 1000 VA
  • use for fileserver, printer, operation-PC


  • Online-work or interactive UPS
  • 3000 VA or above
  • Management software
  • use for complete computer equipment

For new providing or completing the recommended hardware should be taken as basis.

If other software products should be used on the computer so corresponding extensions according to their information have to be considered. We would like to point out that it would be meaningful to have a certain inventory of replacement hardware in stock, in order to counteract possible breakdowns (e. g. defects, theft).

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